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Worried about the break in your resume?


So if you are a professional taking a sabbatical? 

Or a student wanting to get an edge over your peers?

Or a new mother waiting to leave a mark?

Or a responsible human wanting to give it back to the society?


Don't let the Break deter your aspirations


UNLEASH is exclusively designed to support young students make informed decisions about their future careers and gain confidence in undertaking the next steps along their journey.

Go Productive, Go #BreakFree!

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Gain valuable work experience to uplift your profile, gain experience and give yourself an edge in the real world.

Upgrade Skills

Learn what you always wanted to or hone your skills utilising those extra hours to be industry employable and ready.

Diversity Buddy

Find like minded people and explore their culture. Get a global exposure and additional edge by pairing with diversity buddy.

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